Fun Questionnaires Designed by Students


Download One Now! Or, create your own.

Then make photocopies

IMPORTANT: Copies must be FULL SIZE, on 8-1/2x11 paper, portrait only.
Do NOT reduce copy size.




Thanks to Pinkerton Academy Student Council (2014) for creating

Belly Flop and Collinding Asteroids.  This earned them

a 40% discount off this the 2014-15 Data Match.

Any school using Data Match this year will be eligible

to compete for a similar award next year.


Best way to get

into the pool

Astroman loves this!
 Dude! (#1 last 3 years)

  Bullwinkle's Favorite

(#2 last 3 years)

  Too hot to handle
   Kermit's Nightmare!
   Laid Back & Laughin'
   Ur dentist will be proud
    I'm on the 6-year plan
   Go For It!  (Not available for Option 1)
More appropriate for younger students
It has always been a strict policy of Data Match to never match faculty with students, and in the past we used a separate faculty questionnaire for matching teachers just with teachers. However, due to the ever-increasing concern over child privacy and based on advice from our lawyers, we have reluctantly discontinued matching faculty. Though we believe the chances of a mistake are remote, we have been advised not to take the risk. We know how much the faculty enjoyed this and are sorry to disappoint you.

to clear both
to clear both