Fun Questionnaires Designed by Students

Many To Choose From – Or Build Your Own

Our hand-picked team of student "consultants" dreamed up 100s of questions never thought of before (no, really!). Some of them (maybe one or two) are even grammatically correct and properly punctuated. But all of them are fun, reflecting current–day vernacular and lifestyle preferences of today’s kids, while still maintaining a G–Rating

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What's your genre?
 Who are your faves?
 Dude! (#1 last 3 years)

  Bullwinkle's Favorite

(#2 last 3 years)

  Too hot to handle
   Kermit's Nightmare!
   Laid Back & Laughin'
   Ur dentist will be proud
    I'm on the 6-year plan
    Download all 10 at once
   Go For It!  (Not available for Option 1)
More appropriate for younger students
It has always been a strict policy of Data Match to never match faculty with students, and in the past we used a separate faculty questionnaire for matching teachers just with teachers. However, due to the ever-increasing concern over child privacy and based on advice from our lawyers, we have reluctantly discontinued matching faculty. Though we believe the chances of a mistake are remote, we have been advised not to take the risk. We know how much the faculty enjoyed this and are sorry to disappoint you.

Options 2 & 3
After you have chosen the Questionnaire you want to use, or designed your own, make photocopies and distribute them to the students in your school.

to clear both
to clear both