A Student-to-Student Fundraising Program

With everything done at school




Here’s how it works...


Students fill out Questionnaires ONLINE

There are 7 to choose from.

Pick one an write it on your Control Sheet.

Send us the control sheet by fax (800-545-1110)
or by email to info@data-match.com.
[See Detailed Instructions]


Data Match Crunches the Numbers

Students' answers are compared one-by-one
to determine how each student matched up
based on the percent of questions answered
the same.

    Within 24-48 hours your results will be ready.
we will send you pdf files by e-mail, one for each
grade, sorted alphabetcially.


Print Student Reports at school

We will send you PDF files to print (one for each
grade, sorted alphabetically).


Hold your fundraising event

How much you charge is up to you.

To improve sales, many schools hold

the fundraiser in conjunction with a social

event.  Click on "Stuff You'll Need' for

sales tools and ideas.




Pay Data Match

There are NO up-front costs and you don't

have to pay until your sale is over.

You will  pay for each student who filled out

a questionnaire  ($50 order minimum).




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